Christmas at the Arundell

The Arundell Kitchen’s Hollandaise

Hollandaise; a delicious addition to fish dishes such as smoked or poached trout or salmon, or to be enjoyed with eggs. 

For the Arundell kitchen’s recipe, you will need: 


~ Two pans (one for water and one for the butter)

~ A bowl for mixing the egg, ideally one that will sit on your water pan

~ A whisk


~ 4 x egg yolks

~ 50ml white wine vinegar

~ 25g hot melted butter

First, separate the egg whites and discard them (or save for meringues later).  Place a pan of water on the stove and heat but keeping it ready to gently cook the sauce.  Take the bowl and add your yolks and vinegar, whisk together and then sit the bowl on top of the warm water continually whisking until your eggs fluff up or at least double in size.  Remove from the heat and slowly add your melted butter whilst constantly whisking until fully incorporated.

Tips: Try not to get your eggs and vinegar too hot or they will scramble.  Always pour the butter very slowly whilst whisking it in or it may split. It is also important that the sauce is kept warm until use.  If it all goes wrong and the sauce does split, a secret trick is to take a whole egg and add that back in and whisk over the heat until your sauce is back together and cooked out.

We recommend serving this with grilled salmon and new potatoes or perhaps smoked trout.

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