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The Arundell Kitchen Blackberry Jam Recipe

As the weather turns colder, make the most of the hedgerows bursting with blackberries, with this simple and delicious jam recipe; supplied by our Executive Head Chef, Ashley Wright. This traditional combination of ingredients, with flavour coming from the fragrant berries, is perfect to store and enjoy over the winter months ahead. 


  • 425g wild blackberries
  • 425g sugar
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice (roughly a whole lemon)


  • Wash the blackberries and place in a saucepan.  
  • Add the sugar and lemon juice and stir. 
  • Leave for an hour to allow the sugar to draw the juice from the fruit. Then heat gently to dissolve the sugar. 
  • Once all the sugar is dissolved, quickly bring the temperature up to 105°C to set the jam
  • Spoon into sterilised, heated jam jars, seal with lids and allow to cool.

We recommend you serve on top of a warm scone and a spoonful of clotted cream. 

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