Ding dong merrily on high, in Lifton the bells are ringing… Christmas at the Arundell

Summer Update

he DNA of the Arundell is primarily fishing, food and a love of being in the field. It has been for the past 90 years. In fact the Arundell Arms Hotel Company Limited was incorporated in 1932, interestingly the same year as the iconic Roberts radios Company was established.

Understanding this history, and wishing to share the depth of knowledge held by our staff,  our intention by producing this seasonal newsletter is to share with you some of insights from the Arundell team. The hope is that our collective passion for fishing, field and food will be of interest to our core guests and that perhaps we might encourage them to step out and indulge beyond our normal activities at times when they are typically not in season.

In addition, and following this theme of stepping out we have made a conscious decision when restoring the hotel to remove the televisions from the majority of our rooms, and replace them with none other than Roberts radios. We hope that this affords our guests the chance to experience a “media” detox. Since reopening the hotel, restaurant and bar on the 17th May, the feedback from our long standing guests has been positive, and this decision has on the whole been welcomed. For those guests not able to turn to their tablets or computers in order to catch up with the news an option to have a portable tv in your room exists on request. The hotel has excellent wi-fi.

The summer detox theme extends from the wild fishing along our 22 miles of river, joining our fishing team and learning to cast a fly and fly fish, indulging in the seasonal food and wine offerings at the hotel and local destinations,  walking or cycle rides to the moors and nearby coast (which the team can assist in arranging “e” and conventional bicycles), to day trips exploring the Devon and Cornish coastlines.

From our own experience we have found the Arundell to be a great base from which to have an activity filled break.

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