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    The Arundell Style

    To compliment the shooting and hospitality The Arundell offer in Devon, guests will now have the opportunity to experience Spanish hospitality at its best and shoot in a traditional and authentic manner.

    Hosted by our close friend Jose Pazos “Pepe” in his private villa, Matarrubia is situated about an hour outside of Madrid in the province of Guadalajara, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. With its wide and varied geographical features, and a typical Mediterranean Continental climate of the Central Plateau, the site offers long, dry and hot summers and an experience much different to shooting on the British Isles, with most days warm and dry which allows shooting in vests, especially as the season extends to February.

    Shooting in Spain

    Spanish Red
    Legged Partridge

    The shooting is varied and challenging, with classic low flight crossing and away birds, almost grouse-like in flight and speed, to high birds over ranges below, this is partridge shooting at its best. Our typical package is 2 days shooting, and 3 nights accommodation with traditional and seasoned hospitality to boot, it’s a must on the annual field-sports calendar. 

    Prices include all private transfers from the airport to the lodge, full-board accommodation, all movement around the shoot, all relevant permits and insurance plus hospitality between drives and a sumptuous field lunch with wine – this really is exceptional value for money. 


    Pricing on request. Max 8 guns.

    Accommodation in Spain

    Roebuck and Wild Boar

    Outside of the partridge season at Matarrubia we can arrange Roebuck and Wild Boar shooting opportunities, as we have around 20,000 acres of shooting rights. 

    We can tailor shooting and hospitality experiences to suit.


    Please contact Simon for pricing and more information.

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