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Top 3 tips for fishing rod care

Wax your rod spigots! 

Spigots are the joint between the sections of your rod when assembled. A small application of wax will not only prevent wear and tear to the meeting point surface betwixt sections but also prevent unnecessary separation and breakage during any vigorous casting. A light rubbing with a quality candle or some beeswax is all that is required. You are not trying to build up a thick globular layer, but to evenly apply a thin film over the male part of the spigot. Think of waxing your skis rather than applying heavy duty wax oil to the chassis of your Defender!!

Inspect rod rings for signs of wear 

In the olden days of silk lines, the line itself would pick up grit and dirt during the course of handling and fishing. This would turn one’s line into a very effective ‘rope saw’ which was more than capable of eating through a set of rod rings in a season or two. While modern plastic lines are not nearly as abrasive in their character, when dirty they are still capable of wearing through your rings remarkably quickly. Check carefully for signs of breakage, grooving or worn patches. Any roughness or sharp edges will chew through and strip your lovely new fly line. Sometimes rings can be reconditioned with a light rubbing with #2000 grit emery paper but, if they are too far beyond repair, they can always be replaced by a competent rod builder, whom we can recommend if required.

Check your rod for any cracks 

Particularly in the female ferules or chips caused by past carelessness. If a carbon fibre rod, they may be an early sign of a weakness in the carbon yet to express itself. Better to replace that section with a manufacturer now, than have it snap on the first day of your trip when far from home. Make sure that any whippings around the female ferrule are still sound.


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